Will Babysit for Little $$$

I have a very short piece with a critical thought up on the front-page of Matchbook for the next two weeks. It’s the last piece I have out for a while, but I’ve been looking forward to it since October. It’s more Craigslist fiction; read it here.

Matchbook is unique in two great ways.

  1. They have a rolling, one-story-at-a-time publication schedule. Currently, the run for each story on the main page is two full weeks, which is incredibly generous to the writing they select. Things stay fresh but they don’t get lost.
  2. They include critical companion pieces, so fictional stories and nonfiction thoughts are presented side-by-side. Anyone who has ever enjoyed reading an author interview knows that sometimes the background can not only change how we interact with stories but also be as fascinating as the writing itself. And Matchbook puts these mini-essays right in the forefront.

The whole site is unique but fast and eminently readable.

In other news, the awesome Mel Bosworth reads my flash “When We Are Old” in Big Other Reading Series, #3. What a gracious and kind thing of him to do, not just for me, but for everyone he’s read on his YouTube channel: Mel Bosworth Reads Things. Check it out.

Lastly, another Thaumatrope.

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