Hi, I’m Ben. These days that entails being a father, husband, neuroradiologist, writer, and perpetually short on time.

I was born and partially raised in New York, spent my more formative years in Dallas, went to Harvard for college, and then returned to Texas for medical school, residency, fellowship, and attendinghood. My debt-to-income ratio is improving.

In addition to my books and writing here, my internet-self also spent 14 years editing Nanoismthe longest-running journal of Twitter fiction in the world (@nanoism, naturally). This all grew out of the early realization that the first year of medical school is kinda boring.

About this site

The current iteration of this site dates all the way back to 2009. The editorial direction generally centers on medicine and medical education, doing things better, personal finance, interesting miscellany, and good writing of all kinds. I hope you find it either interesting, helpful, or both. It’s got my name on it, so for better or worse, it represents me as a human being in the 21st century.


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Privacy policy

Your privacy is extremely important to me just as it is to you. As this is the Internet and I am a simple human being and not an evil corporate entity, you can feel free to use a made-up, fake, or pseudonymous name and enter a completely fake email address when commenting if that is your choosing. Rest assured if you do include your actual contact info or sign up for my comically rare/sporadic emails, I will never sell any of your information whether it be your name, email, or any other personal information you happen to include in your comments or emails to me.

Legal Disclaimer

Nothing on this site is meant to constitute medical, financial, or legal advice. Or replace common sense. The writing on this site (and any social media accounts) reflects the wholly personal views of Ben White (that’s me!) and not any organizations or institutions which I have ever been, currently am, or will ever be affiliated with.