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Thank you for reading. Spending a little bit of your valuable attention here means a lot to me.

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You can also support me effortlessly by utilizing one of my various affiliate relationships if they happen to also suit your fancy. I don’t do ads around here, but I am willing to try to share an occasional discount code or two with you fine people.


This site participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means that if you shop at Amazon after clicking one of the links on the site, Amazon pays me a (very) small commission on your purchase, and it costs you absolutely nothing. You could even buy one of my books there.

Physician Surveys

I maintain a great list of legitimate companies that offer paid physician surveys, several of which offer signup bonuses.

Disability Insurance

The folks at LeverageRx and Pattern do a great job breaking down your options for free. Every physician needs disability insurance at least by the end of training, and even every post-match fourth-year student should take the chance to see what it will cost to get a policy. The earlier the better.

You can only buy DI through an agent (they are paid by the company, not you), and you should ideally talk to at least two if not three different independent agents/companies to make sure you’re getting good guidance and the best deal.

Physician Mortgages

LeverageRx is a totally free handy platform that will let you rapidly comparison shop multiple physician loan lenders.

Student Loans

I have links and breakdowns here for the major companies offering student loan refinancing with cashback offers for readers. Whether you use mine or someone else’s, you should always use a referral link if you choose to refinance. It’s free money. Keep in mind, lots and lots of people should not refinance.

As someone who wrote the book, I feel strongly that anyone with the inclination can manage their own loans. But not everyone has the time or desire. In that situation, I point readers to my internet friend Travis Hornsby’s Student Loan Planner (plus you get an extra 6-months of follow-up Q&A) or the folks at the White Coat Investor’s StudentLoanAdvice (which has a flat rate that’s a little cheaper for borrowers who owe more than $200k and especially $400k).


Get $20 off Cometeer and subsidize the caffeine addiction that powers this site. Reviewed here.

Medical Test Prep

Alas, UW doesn’t offer discounts. But I do have 10% off BoardVitals (code BW10), 25% off Lecturio, 10% off Rosh Review (code RoshMed10, [RoshPsych10 for the Psychiatry boards and PRITE]), and $25 off TrueLearn (with the link).


I’ve reviewed radiology books and qbanks before in prior posts. For question banks, I’ve secured 10% discounts for BoardVitals (code BW10) and RadsQuestions (code “Benwhite” with a capital ‘B’).

CaseStacks (15% off with code benwhite) is a really neat new service that specializes in a selection of scrollable cases. It’s a great resource for call prep (reviewed here).

MRI Online (Medality) has a big educational offering with tons of radiology lectures and cases (reviewed here). Get 10% off with code BEN10.


Orbit CME (reviewed here) is a browser-based plugin service that automatically tracks the papers and medical education websites you read and effortlessly gives you itemized CME credits. It’s pretty great. Readers get $20 off any plan.

Contract Negotiation & Review

If you’re in the market for physician contract review and negotiation help, check out Contract Diagnostics.

If you’re re-negotiating or mainly want to get comparative compensation data, you could check out CompensationRx, which is a cheap way to get access to the MGMA info for your practice type (in addition to some proprietary additional internal data).

Online Courses

While I’m an affiliate for the White Coat Investor courses, unfortunately, there isn’t any baked-in everyday discount.

The Web, Brain, and Business

I keep my digital brain and most of early drafts in the amazing, simple Workflowy (totally free for non-power users).

I believe more people should own their digital presence instead of ceding control to social media platforms where you can measure the half-life of your writing in minutes. Here is my advice about starting a website/blog. I use Dreamhost (link offers $50 off unlimited hosting), and another popular WordPress host is Bluehost. Either one is great for folks starting off who want to do things themselves.

If you just want to have a pretty site without worrying at all about the backend details, I heartily recommend Squarespace.

If your business needs a bookkeeping or invoicing solution, try Freshbooks or Bonsai.