Updates in the world of itty-bitty stories

Last month Michael Rudin (author of nano #147) published his piece “From Hemingway to Twitterature: The Short and Shorter of It” in the Journal of Electronic Publishing. It’s a thoughtful academic look at the different ways we’re writing (short and cheap) in the digital age that also includes a couple selections from the Nanoism archives and a quote from yours truly.

Second, the 7×20 twitter anthology 140 And Counting is now currently available (also featuring yours truly) for the Amazon Kindle.

And I never thought I would say this, but Nanoism’s first wholly independent native-language international chapter is open! In Swedish! Check out Nanoismer, and click over here for a little bit of background.

Finally, Nanoism’s 2011 contest is now open until the end of New Year’s day 2012. For those of you keeping track at home, the format is similar to last year with both free entries, raffle prizes, and more chances to win if you donate to charity.

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