I Can See

Writer’s Bloc (Rutgers) is a rare site that has a new design–a good design–with every issue. I have piece in the new issue 7. Check out the splash page to see the issue’s underwater theme in action, as well as the writing of Jimmy Chen (owner of the best personal url meme of all time) and Laura Ellen Scott (curator of VIPs on vsf, a blogsource [is that a word? should be] on very short fiction).

It’s a fresh, exciting venue, and it’s always a pleasure to see what’s going to pop up the next month.

My wife and I just watched the first few episodes of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America because we love food and we love TV and the Food Network is a dangerous timesink. They “found” the 24 “worst” cooks in America. Then they took the worst 12 and put them in a cooking competition with two good chefs as teachers, who proceed to give them shit when they–surprise, surprise–can’t cook. It’s sorta sad watching these guys flounder and not as entertaining as the classy folks on Jersey Shore, but it’s still an entertaining twist on the endless stream of competition shows (there’s actually a hairdressing one [ick]).

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