My book on med school student loans is free through Friday

Amazon is running a promotion on my book Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide so that it’s free on Kindle through the end of Friday. If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to check it out and get your finances in order.


Rocky 01.21.18 Reply

Finished your medical students loan book today.
It was practical, straightforward and easy read. Kind of a WCI/ Dave Ramsey with a more accessible, straightforward and friendly writing. I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues as it is both a book and workbook. Didn’t take much time (I’m a TY which helps) to read.

-Would like to like to pick your brain about the best way to approach R1 year.

Ben 01.21.18 Reply

Thanks for the kind words! (I would love a review on Amazon if you have minute) :)

I addressed a little bit of the R1 approach stuff in this comment on a previous post, but I’m long overdue on writing that post. Check back in soon.

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