I have a new story up at Everyday Genius, called “Milestones.” Thanks go to March editor Laura Ellen Scott, now slated to be the fiction editor for Prick of the Spindle, which should be good things for LES and good things for POTS, so cheers all around. I like acronyms.

This story is actually based on a news bit from last December about a Taiwanese man who “beat” World of Warcraft by essentially doing every in-game task. Of course, my understanding is that the new patch added new achievements (makes the game unbeatable doesn’t it?). There’s also a good chance that the “man” was actually more than one player sharing an account, but hey, this is fiction, right? Let the record also state that I used to exclusively wear cargo pants and cargo shorts in my youth.

While you’re there, read “13 Ways of Looking at a Roadtrip” by Barry Graham, which went up in EG last week. Now that is an ending.

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