1. Yes, I’ve started the process of creating a small dedicated job board just for independent radiologist-owned private practices. With all the corporate noise out there, I’m hoping we can connect radiologists looking for the real deal with those groups who are doing it. Still a ways to go, but feel free to reach out to me at ben@benwhite.com if your group is interested, and I’ll get back to you when things are ready.
  2. Separately, yes, for the first time in this site’s 15-year history, I’ve decided to run a real ad. Not a banner ad (and no images), but starting on June 1st, there will be a single monthly post featuring a limited number of true radiology private practices. I’ve temporarily changed this policy because of the radiologist shortage combined with the current less-than-stellar recruitment/marketing environment. I hope folks find it unobtrusive and even helpful; I’ll reevaluate in a year.
// 05.20.24

The tale of case review at Cigna in ProPublica:

“Deny, deny, deny. That’s how you hit your numbers,” said Day, who worked for Cigna until the late spring of 2022. “If you take a breath or think about any of these cases, you’re going to fall behind.”


The early 2022 dashboards listed a handle time of four minutes for a prior authorization. The bulk of drug requests were to be decided in two to five minutes. Hospital discharge decisions were supposed to take four and a half minutes.


As ProPublica and The Capitol Forum reported last year, Cigna built a computer program that allowed its medical directors to deny certain claims in bulk. The insurer’s doctors spent an average of just 1.2 seconds on each of those cases.

// 04.30.24

If you have HBO Max, standup comic Alex Edelman’s one-man show was excellent. The official description of its main narrative thread: “In the wake of a string of antiSemitic threats pointed in his direction online, standup comic Alex Edelman decides to go straight to the source; specifically, Queens, where he covertly attends a meeting of White Nationalists.” Here’s the trailer.

// 04.21.24