This week in tiny fiction

Last week I was fortunate enough to be featured in PicFic; this week I find myself with five stories in Seven by Twenty, another twitter-based ‘zine for stories and poems and brief awesomeness. This five-part set includes a healthy mix of older Midnight Stories and some fresh material:

In other news, Folded Word nominated  my seven-tweet-sized short story “Moving On” for Best of the Net. So, thanks!

Lastly, the great and newly-public literary community Fictionaut just posted a short interview with me about Nanoism and Adam Robinson of the very cool Publishing Genius.


J.S. Graustein 10.02.09 Reply

Thanks for sharing your work, Ben. You are the master of midgnight stories:-)

David Shrock 10.02.09 Reply

I noticed a couple familiar stories. Then I realized it’s Ben White week… again. :)

Of the 7×20 set, I like the spelunker the best. Cute, and many parents identify having had similar conversations.

Keep it up and soon you’ll have an empire. Of what, I’m uncertain. Likely full of tiny gems and delicious wit built by everything nano.

Ben 10.03.09 Reply

JS—Thank you, and thank you for publishing my stories and promoting this lovely little form.

David—Thanks for stopping by. The timing of these two weeks was pretty amusing. You picked my favorite as well, by far (followed by the machine story).

By January, I will have written 365 bits for MS plus ones that have exclusively appeared elsewhere and some number that will probably be in my backup queue for rainy days. It’s certainly becoming a big collection of something.

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