Some things will appear

I’ve written some new things. A subset of these will appear in Matchbook, PANK, Writers’ Bloc, Four and Twenty, A Handful of Stones, Outshine, and elimae. I now have a bunch of half-started things that I would like to finish but probably won’t. I have however ruled out urology and nephrology as future specialties.

Matchbook, PANK, and Writers’ Bloc won’t happen until 2010, which is probably a good thing as now I can already consider 2010 a creatively productive year. Matchbook in particular has a really unique take on publishing where they place stories side-by-side with critical pieces. A few sites (PANK among them) interview writers about their stories, but I can’t think of anyone who puts the nonfiction thoughts of their contributors in the forefront like Matchbook. It’s refreshing and exciting.

I also really wanted elimae, and it took me a while to land. Few places accept submissions of literally any size and fewer still consistently publish nano/hint length pieces. elimae has been in the super-short game longer than anyone.

In other news, my vision of the future appeared in Thaumatrope a few days back.


Teresa Houle 10.23.09 Reply

Great stuff, Ben! Can’t wait to see them all in all their published glory.

Ben 10.25.09 Reply

Thanks Teresa. Me too!

Mel Bosworth 10.26.09 Reply

congrats, ben. excellent kill list. and i agree, matchbook is making itself into quite the little hotspot.

Carma Lynn Park 10.26.09 Reply

Congratulations! Woo-hoo!

Ben 10.26.09 Reply

Thanks Mel. Matchbook is definitely gaining steam and getting props from around the intarwebs, which they deserve. Now I need to write something good for > kill author. Heh.

Thanks Carma!

Tracy Lucas 10.31.09 Reply

Congrats, Ben! (Haven’t been on Twitter consistently in a few days, so I’m late to the game.) But seriously; good work, and apparently, there’s been lots of it.

It’s so hard to wait for the 2010, but hey, you get to soak in the acceptances for longer that way.

That’s what I tell myself when I’m antsy. Doesn’t work then, either. ;)

Ben 11.02.09 Reply

I figure at least this way if I don’t write anything between now and January at least I can pretend.

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