OLA Makes Sure Radiologists Have Evolved

From “Focus on DR,” which appeared in the most recent January 2020 edition of the ABR’s newsletter, The BEAM:

Over time, diagnostic radiology has evolved, and imaging techniques and exams have changed.  Computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound improved and replaced many traditional exams. The practice of many diagnostic radiologists now consists of work that was not tested on the exams they took for initial certification. A way to see that radiologists have evolved along with their practices and acquired these new skills is needed. Such a system must be meaningful, yet not be onerous for physicians to complete.

This is a fascinating statement. Fascinating because those radiologists with initial certifications that reflect a bygone era of “traditional exams” are in fact grandfathered from the very system “needed” to confirm that they’ve evolved.


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