Guide to The Core Exam

Below are the current entries in the ABR Core Exam Series:

The Core Exam Experience
Detailed post describing the process of registering for the exam, selecting testing location and lodging, the actual test day experience, and the exam itself including the exam breakdown, scoring, and results

Approaching the Core Exam
Detailed post discussing approaching the exam, study schedules, picking resources, and exam content including physics & non-interpretive skills

Resources for the Core Exam
Breakdown and brief reviews of commonly used Core resources

Core Exam Question Banks Review
Separate reviews of the currently available Core Exam qbanks

Book Review: Crack the Core, Radiologic Physics War Machine, CTC Case Companion
Unnecessarily in-depth reviews of Prometheus Lionhart’s Crack the Core book series

Book Review: Core Radiology
TL;DR – I liked it

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