Registering through the link here is also one of those effortless ways you can support this site while doing what you were going to do anyway.

I’m very much looking forward to speaking again this coming year at the Physician Wellness & Financial Literacy Conference (aka WCICON23), which will take place March 1-4 at the very nice JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix. If you have a CME fund to burn, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather spend it on.



Code CON23BW will net you $200 off an in-person registration through January 25.


Brittany Miles 12.01.22 Reply

Is there any option for medical student discount? We do not have GME funds…perhaps an option for us to attend online? I do not see it on their website, just wondering if you have insider knowledge

Ben 12.01.22 Reply

The folks at WCI don’t offer a medical student discount (and for what it’s worth the conference is definitely geared toward attendings). I don’t have any insider knowledge there, but what I imagine they would say/recommend if asked–whether very satisfying or not–is that medical students should read their book geared for students. I think they consider the free content to be the student discount.

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