Improving my Figs

I finally broke down and bought a pair of Figs so I could try to fit in with young folk.

But I had to do a little surgery with my seam ripper:

Just because I want to pretend I can pull off squeezing into some joggers doesn’t mean I want four(!) separate branding labels on a pair of scrubs of all things.

Now they’re closer to the fantasy world where the generic hospital scrub pants have regular pockets.


Sam Izdat 12.07.22 Reply


Dr. White,
For the love of all that is decent and good, wearing jogger scrubs should be a federal crime. An additional concern is that every healthcare professional in the United States (the World?) will appear as if they work in a storefront IVF rehydration clinic. kind regards.

Ben 12.07.22 Reply

You would have me shield my malleoli from all the world? Deprive everyone?

S. Izdat 12.19.22 Reply

I am afraid you will also expose an incus and stapes, along with a
malleus when wearing jogger scrubs.

Not to be too arch, but anyone would have to have a hole in their head to wear those things.

kind regards.

(In all sincerity, wear them and use them well. Unlimited blessings for success and happiness.)

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