CTAs for Vertigo, A Sonnet

I asked Poe, a new AI chatbot, to write me a sonnet about a negative CTA for vertigo:

A CT scan of the head and neck was done,
To search for the cause of vertigo’s plight.
But alas, the results came back as none, No evidence of any wrong or right.

The images showed the structures so clear,
The bones and vessels, all in their place.
No sign of tumors, no sign of fear,
No cause for vertigo’s dizzy chase.

The scan was negative, the results normal,
The cause of vertigo’s still unknown.
But rest assured, there’s no need to mourn,
For further tests will surely be shown.

So let us trust in the power of medicine,
And hope for a cure with each new exam done.

“Further tests will surely be shown” is some (awkwardly phrased and presumably unintentional) incisive commentary on American healthcare.

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