Updated Student Loan books

Nice, productive holiday weekend. I also got around to making some minor revisions and 2019 updates to Medical Student Loans and Dealing with Student Loans, both of which you can always download for free right here. Yes, these beloved best-in-class books are completely free, because student loan debt is crippling generations of Americans, and that outweighs every other consideration.

If you already have a copy, you can still drop your email on the download page and get this most recent edition in your inbox. (And of course you’re always welcome unsubscribe immediately.)

While I would recommend reading one of the two books to literally anybody with a student loan from current college students to seasoned physicians, I strongly recommend any graduating students to take a few hours this month and get your financial house in order.

This is literally the perfect time.

Updated Guide to Fourth Year

I’ve just updated my guide to being a senior medical student, Fourth Year & The Match. It remains awesome and free as well as being up-to-date for 2019-2020.

Even if you’ve downloaded the old version, you can still receive the new one by dropping your email address here.


Get your free book download (ebook and PDF) of Fourth Year & The Match.


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Neverending oil and water optics of corporate for-profits and healthcare

Mednax, Inc.’s CEO Roger Medel on their Q1 2019 Earnings Call:

Looking across our service lines. Volumes increased modestly in most of our women and children specialties. In neonatology, the underlying trend of births at the hospitals where we provide services remained negative, but our volumes increased based on rate of admission into the neonatal intensive car unit and length of stay.

Thankfully, despite birth rate decreases at our hospital, either the babies were coincidentally sicker or we managed to squeeze more kids into unnecessary NICU admissions and longer stays, so we were still able to grow our profits.


Explanations for the 2018 Official Step 3 Practice Questions

There was a practice material update for the official free Step 3 materials back in November 2018.

The previous set, which I explained here, was revised November 2017.

Most the questions are the same with the same order, but there were a few changes, mostly to fix some outdated questions. Questions 7, 8, and 133 were replaced. Questions 55 and 56 were swapped, and the stem for 56 was replaced to give you a chance to see a patient note-based question.

You can find my thoughts on preparing for Step 3 here. In short, I think the free materials and UWorld should be enough for most folks. If you want books recs, they’re in that post. If you need another question source, I haven’t tried any of them, but you can get 10% off BoardVitals if you’re interested by using code BW10.

As for this free practice exam, Blocks 1 and 2 are “Foundations of Independent Practice” (FIP). These should take up to 1 hour each. Blocks 3 and 4 are “Advanced Clinical Medicine” (ACM). These should take up to 45 minutes each. Total practice time should be no more than 3:30 if taking under test-day conditions.

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