My new book: Medical Student Loans

My second book, Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide, is now out. It’s a novella-length treatment of student loans specifically for physicians and written to cover the topic for all levels: premeds, medical students, residents, and attendings. It’s especially helpful for graduating MS4s and by its nature also covers important basic financial literacy in a hopefully non-threatening way.

In other words, I hope you like it.

Despite years of writing about student loans on this site, it was a ton of work to put this together and finally get it out to the world. To celebrate, I’ve made it completely free to download from Amazon until the end of Sunday, June 25.

MSL will also be part of the Kindle Unlimited program for the next three months. You can get a 30-day free trial if you need another way to read it for free.

Consider it your first few hours of CME.

The Texas JP Exam guide, now in print

[Update: Sorry, I’m no longer offering the print edition]

I finished polishing the print version of my review book for the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam and made it available on Amazon last month. It started outselling the Kindle version after a few weeks, which goes to show that—assuming relative costs are reasonable—a lot people still like reading books on paper.

It’s also useful as a non-pharmacological sleep aid.

Me & Nanoism on NPR

yUFp12rpGot to put on my writer/editor hat and be a guest on WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show to talk about Twitter Fiction, Nanoism, and read a few tweet-sized tales. This was my very first radio interview (and live is tough, oof!). My part is toward the beginning, with Colin introducing me around the 6:45 mark. But you should at least listen to the very beginning, because their intro sketch bit is the best part of the show.

The Texas JP Exam Book available on iTunes and Kobo

My very short and very well received book (26 all 5-star reviews and counting, hooray!), The Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam: A Concise Review, is now available on iTunes/iBooks and Kobo in addition to Amazon. Additional ebook formats and the print version are forthcoming. Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 8.35.25 AM

While I personally use Amazon for just about everything, I know some people prefer to use other ebook vendors or non-Kindle readers. While the book was part of the KDP Select program (Kindle Unlimited etc), it was exclusive to Amazon. I’ve decided to not renew that program membership (more on that later), which allows me to open up the book to other markets for those so inclined.

For the time being, Kobo is offering a $5 credit for your first ebook purchase, which means that if you’ve never gotten an ebook from them before, my book would be half price.1