Folded Word is a wonderful group of people unafraid to embrace any means necessary to get literature to the masses: we’re talking a youtube-based lit mag (one of a kind, I believe) AND promoting DIY guerrilla-style flash fiction dissemination. Audio, video, online, print. Every angle covered. So it was no surprise that March saw them start PicFic, the first non-genre twitter-based lit mag.

When choosing the greek prefix for ever-smaller denominations of literature, I think pico- is just as good a choice as nano- for stories that hover around 25 words, making Nanoism and PicFic basically two of kind (distinct prefixes and the issue of titles notwithstanding). There’s also femtofiction, which of course consists entirely of punctuation.

Anyway, I’m honored to say this week is PicFic’s “White of White” which features five of my pico-stories and a fun interview. In addition to reading PicFic’s twitter feed (as everyone should do), wonderful managing editor J.S. Graustein has assembled the archives by author, so you can read all of my contributions in one easy-to-browse location.


Mel Bosworth 09.23.09 Reply

Well done, Ben.

Ben 09.24.09 Reply

Thanks MB. Interesting job on the collab with xTx.

Robert Laughlin 09.27.09 Reply

I just read “Meh…” and the word ‘altar’ was misspelled. For shame.

Ben 09.27.09 Reply

So it was, Robert, so it was.

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