Memories of Life

Memories of Life” appears in the Summer 2009 issue of Burst Magazine, a publication specifically designed for mobile phones (and including only pieces of 700 words or fewer). Even though iPhones and the like can handle normal web pages, there is something to be said for a magazine that knows what it does and who it’s for—subway commuters and the short-attention-spanned alike.

I wrote an even shorter first draft of this very short piece while listening to Nobuo Uematsu’s signature track “Melodies of Life” from the piano-arrangement of the soundtrack from Final Fantasy 9, of all things. Inspiration is everywhere.


d 06.19.09 Reply

short attention span yayy. my favorite is still “when we are old”.. that one will stick with me for a long time, i think :)

Ben 06.21.09 Reply

Thank you (very clever). The first line of “When We Are Old,” believe it or not, is something my wife said to me over gchat.

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