My crystal ball is as cloudy as ever.

Earlier this month I wrote about Radiology Partners loaning a group money to help shore up radiologist compensation. That happened, but I was also wrong in my estimation of the likelihood of repayment: it turns out RP may be getting some of that money back after all.

The ultimate outcome is still up in the air, but I’ve addended my previous post with an update.

// 12.29.23

The UnitedHealthcare vs Radiology Partners lawsuit went to arbitration instead of a jury trial last month. Last week, the arbitration panel ruled in favor of RP and its practice Singleton Associates, awarding them $153.5 million.

United, for its part, says it’s not done, and that there are still unaddressed counterclaims. From that Radiology Business article: “We do not agree that Singleton will recover an award from UnitedHealthcare,” the Minnetonka, Minnesota, company said.

// 10.24.23

Two great quick radiology podcasts, well worth your time for a better understanding of radiology in 2023:

First, the state of the radiology residency match and how things look for medical students as well as the radiology workforce, courtesy of Dr. Francis Deng (@francisdeng). I agree with everything he said, and he said it better than I would have. Listen here.

Second, episode 2 of the Texas Radiological Society’s “How Radiologists Get Paid” Podcast: a great discussion of the state of payment policy between Dr. Kurt Schoppe, policy wonk and my colleague across town, and Dr. Lauren Nicola, current Chair of the Reimbursement Committee at the ACR. If you want a better understanding of CMS reimbursement and what “quality” has meant recently in radiology, check it out.

// 09.28.23