I don’t normally talk much about the places I work or the institutions I’ve been affiliated with on the site. After all, these views are my own.

But I’m just going to drop this here briefly because I’ll freely admit that I was honored and gratified to win Teacher of the Year my first full year as faculty at Baylor Dallas. Great group of residents.



Also, crystal apples are surprisingly heavy.


S 03.10.20 Reply

Congrats and you deserve it! I’m a trainee (resident I guess you would call them over there) and found your blog and advice to be the most helpful ‘resource’ and guidance i’ve found by far. Really thank you for all you do for your residents and also others training in radiology across the globe.
You rock!

Ben 03.10.20 Reply


houston hardin 04.19.20 Reply

thats awesome.

-houston hardin
(parkland rad. grad 2004)

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