The Support Page

It’s one of those things I probably should have done around a decade ago, but last week I put up a “support” page. As I don’t run any ads and the vast majority of my writing is unmonetized, this site is largely a labor of love (and I’m happy with that).


I also talk to enough folks who want to support my efforts that it’s silly for me to make that challenging.

So while the page does include a way to directly send me money, it’s mostly a collection of the active affiliate arrangements I have, which are easy ways to get someone else (Amazon, educational products, physician survey companies, etc) to provide me with financial support at no cost to you if/when such things meet your needs (and usually with a reader discount).

Also, please feel free to ignore it entirely.

Regardless, I will continue to accept virtual high fives, which remain my primary currency.

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