On the WCI Podcast

I had a lot of fun talking to Dr. Jim Dahle on this week’s episode of the White Coat Investor Podcast about student loans:



I honestly think we may have talked more about my journey on this episode than I have with my actual writing on this site for the past eleven years, but I hope listeners found the contribution of another writer/blogger to be interesting¬† (also, don’t turn up the volume or you may hear my sniffles; kids…).

As Jim mentions, he actually started The White Coat Investor a couple of years after I started writing here. But he’s since built an impressive empire, steadily produced a ton of content, basically singlehandedly changed the level of discourse for physician finance, and taught/inspired a generation of young doctors to think critically about money. It’s just an incredible achievement.

I’m really looking forward to speaking at WCICON20 this March and meeting some of you there!



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