America’s Advisor

From David Roth’s The New Republic piece, “American Psycho,” an absolutely scathing brief profile of Jared Kushner’s role in unquestionable pandemic mismanagement:

So here we have Kushner, a powerful special adviser with no meaningful expertise in public health or epidemiology, using a breathtakingly specious chart produced by an economist who’d flubbed the biggest prediction he’d ever made—all as a justification for the federal government to do less to confront a rampaging pandemic. While the Trump years have offered many such crystalline and bottomless moments of executive abandonment, this one felt uniquely Jared. The collaboration is what makes it—a legacy figure in the field of elite ineptitude, delivering the old egregiousness in a style optimized for the vacuous new avatar of elite incompetence. The gilded tools of one generation of catastrophic conservative governance pass into the soft and clammy hands of the next. If it weren’t for all those people dying, it would be beautiful.


Kristin 06.11.20 Reply

Did we forget that the federal stockpile is not for the states, and change the guidelines after the fact?

Did we forget that ‘we’ve made significant progress’ or whatever propa he said on fox?

Did we forget he asked his father-in-law for advice on how to handle the pandemic (which itself is not a poor idea given his lack of experience) but suspect given him being surrounded by medical experts?

And the list goes on…

Ben 06.11.20 Reply

There was a quote I a saw a couple of months ago, which basically said that it all sounds like bad disaster TV, because any normal screenwriter would have considered tge ineptness so ridiculous that it would have been unbelievable and detract from the story.

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