What’s healthcare’s sideways threat?

It’s the “sideways threats” that bite companies, he said. “If you think of Kodak and Fuji, competing in film for 100 years, but then ultimately it turns out to be Instagram.”

– Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, interviewed in the NYT.

If medicine is anticipating disruption from AI, everyone is wary of private equity and consolidation, and physicians are frustrated and scared about losing their market dominance to midlevel providers, what are the sideways threats for healthcare?

Or is it still all of those things, just to those stakeholder groups that don’t see them coming?

I for one don’t think clinical fields have fully appreciated the narrow gap between what it takes to fully replace radiology with what it takes to completely and fundamentally change just about everything else.

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Gregg L. Friedman MD 11.14.20 Reply

Great story on the impact of artificial intelligence on the practice of medicine. Thank you for publishing it. 5 Stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD

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