The Best Book for the Texas JP Exam

Update 2024:

Yes, it’s still up-to-date, and yes, it remains the go-to resource for the JP Exam.

Update 9/1/2019:

The Exam is now online. It’s 50 questions taken over 60 minutes and costs only $34. You can take it from the comfort of your own home, and my book remains the go-to resource for thousands of physicians.

This book remains the de facto standard prep material for the JP exam. While you can definitely spend more money and use more resources, you absolutely do not need to. The TMB official materials are $99 and ultimately uneccesary.

Update 4/30/2016:

Within the first two months of publication, my book has become the “#1 bestseller” in the jurisprudence category (less impressive than it sounds I assure you) and received a slew of reviews on Amazon, all 5-stars. The consensus via the reviews is that this is indeed the “best book” for the exam (for which I am both grateful and extremely pleased!).

Okay, that post title is biased (see below), but here it is: The Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam: A Concise Review.

When I applied for my license in 2013, I searched for the best way to study for the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam and was pretty surprised at the state of affairs (you can read my study recommendations here). There was an expensive $200 online course (i.e. narrated powerpoint) with terrible voice acting and a painfully juvenile script. There were expensive textbooks that cost $100 or more and were hundreds of pages long. And there was one affordable option: a $20 effort with a $3 Kindle version that amounted to a long list of facts written in legalese without any attempt at emphasis or context. All of this was for a $58 (then $61) pass/fail test primarily based on common sense that takes less than an hour. You could pass the JP exam with any of them, but none really hit the sweet spot. I left the test thinking that there was an unfilled niche for a study guide that was concise, readable, and reasonably priced.

Then, despite its brevity, it took me two years of intermittently hard work and countless hours to actually write it, fact-check it, and publish it.

So, my first “book” is now out and you can buy it right here.

My goal in writing this book was to make something that you could read in a single sitting that covered the salient points needed to pass the Texas JP exam while also providing you with a basic understanding of practical jurisprudence for a medical career in the Lone Star State. You can read this 1-3 times (over 1-3 hours; first pass will take around an hour) and pass easily and safely (this has been universally corroborated by the reviews on Amazon).

As much as is possible given the subject matter, I hope you enjoy it. Your comments and feedback are both welcome and appreciated. Any book of this nature can always get better.


Ben's wife 01.25.16 Reply

I used the beta version of this book to study for my exam. It was delightful to read, and more importantly, I passed the test with minimal effort.

Ben 01.26.16 Reply

Thank you for that completely unsolicited comment dearest :)

Mo 05.15.17 Reply

So I have looked everywhere for weeks to try to get a paper copy of this book and it is sold out everywhere. My program needs a paper copy not a kindle copy and I am desperate because I have to replace a copy that I lost! Any ideas where I can find one.

Ben 05.16.17 Reply

Sorry, there aren’t any more paper books available for now. There hasn’t been a printing in over half a year. The only version that is for sale currently (and also the only version that’s up to date) is the electronic version.

Sam Ali 02.22.18

If I purchase through this website, will I get the PDF emailed to me? Also, once I pay, how long does it take for me to receive my email? Today is thursday and my exam is Wednesday

If I read this a couple times, I should be good??

Thanks Ben

Ben 02.22.18

You get access to an ebook download that is compatible with any e-reader or free e-reader app (e.g. Kindle, iBooks, etc), which will work on any computer/phone/device. There is no PDF version.

The book arrives within a few minutes of purchase. Couple of times through and you’ll be good.

Sam Ali 02.22.18

I dont have kindle or any such device but since you mentioned iBooks, I went on my iphone iBooks and found the book for 9.99 which has 75 reviews and states $9.99 with 83 pages

Is that the same one? Can I just purchase that?

Ben 02.23.18

Yes, this is the same book, and you can also purchase it from Apple.

Sam Ali 02.23.18

Done I paid for it through the website and got the link to use on iBooks however on iBooks, it only came as 55 pages but it said 83 pages on iBooks when you directly purchase from it

Ben 02.23.18

Pagecounts for ebooks are just estimates. How many pages it actually is for you depends on your screen size.

Robert 04.26.19 Reply

Hi Ben,
This is dated 2016. Does your book cover the most recent edition of the exam? Thanks, Robert

Ben 04.26.19 Reply

Yes, I keep the book updated periodically. 2016 was when I published the initial version.

Leslie 01.22.24 Reply

Can I use this book to study for the JP dental assistant exam

Ben 01.22.24 Reply

No, this is for the physician exam.

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