Radiologists Think Radiology is Mentally Demanding (and Other News)

This chart comes from a Joint Commission paper on Physician Task Load and the Risk of Burnout:

It reads like a meaningful comparison, but the data is actually just self-reported from a survey of different specialties. It is a (nonetheless flawed) reflection of how these groups of doctors viewed themselves, their work, and its challenges.

The paper came out in 2021 but this feels dated. I think Time Demand (which is not overall hours but rather “how hurried or rushed was the pace of the workday?”) would be higher now for many specialties, including mine. It’s a different world out there with the physician shortage and a strong corporate practice model.

I also wonder about the impact of Physical Demand on PTL here. For so many doctors, it’s precisely the lack of a physical component (i.e. being sedentary/anchored to a computer all day) that is a negative factor.

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