QuantiaMD, now paying for new members

QuantiaMD, the “social learning and collaboration platform that helps physicians,” is now temporarily paying people $10 to sign up. I assume with the rapid growth of Sermo¬†(which has been paying doctors to join for a while now), they’re getting a bit more desperate to compete.

Click the link, confirm your “clinician status,”1 and you earn 10 Q-points, which you can redeem immediately for a $10 Amazon gift card. Finish up your profile (another two minutes), and you’ll have 16 Q-points. Accumulate your Q-points (by referring/harassing your friends and completing the [often pretty good] educational activities), and you can redeem at a higher rate (45 for $50 and 80 for $100).

The short presentations they choose for the Q-point opportunities are usually interesting and often deal with the non-clinical aspects of medicine that most people probably need more exposure to. Also, you can click through them at your own pace (getting the gist and the points in mere moments if you so choose).

I should note that medical students can still join and earn Q-points, they just aren’t able to redeem them for gift cards until graduating and confirming as below.

More information on QuantiaMD, Sermo, and other paying survey opportunities for “clinicians” can be found here.

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