Match Fever, AAMC Apply Smart, and Oodles of Bias

Brian Carmody is a pediatric nephrologist, associate program director, and man after my heart. He’s been publishing an impressive series of excellent, well-researched, and well-argued articles about basically everything wrong with the current medical school-industrial complex and the biases of its major players that have resulted in the general crapifying of medical education.

And here is a great investigative video/podcast to boot.

It’s an excellent video that illustrates one way in which the people who should know better (the AAMC, who own ERAS) subtly encourage students to overapply to residency programs, wasting valuable time, money, and stress in the process (and under the guise of trying to fight against the growing cluster of application shotgunning that has proliferated in recent years no less!)

If you haven’t seen any of his articles, check out his site. It’s excellent and is a must-read for anyone involved in medical education or residency training.

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