Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

Another excellent follow-up from Tomas Pueyo about the need to stop doing half-assed mitigation measures.

On one side, countries can go the mitigation route: create a massive epidemic, overwhelm the healthcare system, drive the death of millions of people, and release new mutations of this virus in the wild.

On the other, countries can fight. They can lock down for a few weeks to buy us time, create an educated action plan, and control this virus until we have a vaccine [ed: or treatment].

Governments around the world today, including some such as the US, the UK or Switzerland have so far chosen the mitigation path.

That means they’re giving up without a fight. They see other countries having successfully fought this, but they say: “We can’t do that!”

We can do better together with decisive action and cohesive government intervention/support.

Humans are a communal species. While we need to be alone, right now, we should act together.

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