Anesthesia War Games

People like to operate under the belief that services like anesthesia, radiology, and pathology are totally interchangeable commodities. We do the work but don’t generate it, and patients generally don’t get to pick.

But in the real world, labor isn’t as cog-like as you might think, and culture matters (yes, even in our dysfunctional healthcare system).

Here, enjoy this story of a failed private equity anesthesia takeover.


Joe Answine 12.17.23 Reply

I wrote the article referenced and appreciate the re-post. I have gotten the attention of institutions and societies. They seem to want retractions, but to retract means I fabricated the story. The article in total is painfully true, and not isolated to my group and institution. Joe Answine

Ben 12.18.23 Reply

It’s very sad how easy the individuals that hide behind these bureaucracies or acronym organizations find it to try to silence the individuals taking the scary step of sharing their stories. When it comes to this style of corporate medicine, the only people willing to complete the narrative against the party line are the individuals watching things get worse without the power to fix it.

I’ve written several articles on this site and talked to many radiologists, but all are only comfortabltly speaking anonymously, and I can’t blame them.

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