I read an article the other day stating that MFA programs are on pace to churn out sixty thousand new writers every ten years. Between that and sheer volume of information available and accessible online, the next battle for grassroots entertainment is not production but curation and aggregation: there is too much to read even a significant fraction.

That’s where projects like David Backer’s FictionDaily come in. Each day, the site hosts a snippet and link to three free stories online: one very short, one short, and one genre. It’s a gateway, and it’s these curated gateways that users will trust to collected and filter the independent publishing for consumption. Soon, the site will begin publishing socially progressive stories as well.

In addition to featuring both Nanoism and one of my stories, FictionDaily now hosts a short interview with yours truly.

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vladislav 12.02.10 Reply

Super site, very good, happy

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