We’re hiring!

All of this recent talk of the nationwide radiology shortage and I’ve been remiss in not also mentioning: like every other practice in the country, we’re hiring!

Our 100%-independent physician-owned radiology practice of which I am a partner/shareholder is hiring in almost every subspecialty including breast, body, neuro, neuro IR, MSK, ER, and general. Everything except VIR at the moment. While all of our partners are in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we have some openings for remote employees.

We’re privademic: we have part of the practice that works with residents at a university hospital and we have part of the practice that does not. I enjoy a nice mix.

I’ve written before about why I believe some job healthcare models are problematic, and why not all attending jobs are created equal. I’ve also written before about how to approach getting your first job out of training. My perspective and biases about radiology practice are on full display.

Our group was/is my first job out of training. It was the job I wanted–so much so that the day I got the interview invitation email (after already having job offers waiting for a response), I did an actual Street Fighter dragon punch of victory and told the others they were going to have to wait past their response deadlines. I was drawn by two things:

  1. A well-established successful privademic model combining teaching-focused academics with the no-BS of private practice (with positions leaning more in different directions based on interest including pure no-teaching PP), which gave me the chance to teach and work with trainees in a more flexible environment than a traditional big academic bureaucracy. I’m currently the associate program director for our residency, and our residents are awesome.
  2. A sustainable job model combining high-quality (as opposed to only high-volume) radiology practice with reasonable daily expectations and the goal of a standard 4-day workweek for those who want it (today is my day off!). I wanted the time and mental space to also be a partner at home and have the flexibility to do the other things that are important to me (like this). My colleagues are good at what we do, and I still learn from them every day.

So if you’re in the market, come work with me and check out our great team in Dallas. If you’re interested, send me your CV at ben.white@americanrad.com and I’ll make sure it gets where it needs to go.

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