The Great Filter of Artificial Intelligence

From Raffi Khatchadourian’s “The Doomsday Invention” in The New Yorker, a profile of philosopher of Nick Bostrom and discussion of the (highly dangerous) future of artificial intelligence:

He stopped and looked ahead. “What I want to avoid is to think from our parochial 2015 view—from my own limited life experience, my own limited brain—and super-confidentially postulate what is the best form for civilization a billion years from now, when you could have brains the size of planets and billion-year life spans. It seems unlikely that we will figure out some detailed blueprint for utopia. What if the great apes had asked whether they should evolve into Homo sapiens—pros and cons—and they had listed, on the pro side, ‘Oh, we could have a lot of bananas if we became human’? Well, we can have unlimited bananas now, but there is more to the human condition than that.”

Long, but well worth the read.

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