Some of you may have noticed that things have been a little bit quieter than usual around here. While I’m still writing (and have plenty more in store), my attention was divided recently on a new passion project my wife and I just launched.

It’s called Kosher(ish), and it’s basically the first part of a new Jewish lifestyle brand and blog. Because why not? Also, because there aren’t enough fun things for us to dress our son in for the holidays, and Hanukkah isn’t the only one that deserves a t-shirt or some paper goods!

(We only have a few items for this 2018/5779 Hanukkah season, but if you’re in the market, time is running¬†out to receive your order for the holiday.)

It’s not easy to balance a dinosaur-and-train-loving three-year-old, this sprawling website, a half-finished book, a new job, and a new venture! In the meantime, I have some exciting news about my student loans books¬†coming soon and a bunch of great posts to close out the year.

Most of all, thanks as always for reading.

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