A lopsided fig

Jason Kottke, a true OG blogger, on taking a sabbatical:

Does what I do here make a difference in other people’s lives? In my life? Is this still scratching the creative itch that it used to? And if not, what needs to change? Where does kottke.org end and Jason begin? Who am I without my work? Is the validation I get from the site healthy? Is having to be active on social media healthy? Is having to read the horrible news every day healthy? What else could I be doing here? What could I be doing somewhere else? What good is a blog without a thriving community of other blogs? I’ve tried thinking about these and many other questions while continuing my work here, but I haven’t made much progress; I need time away to gain perspective.

I love good curation. With my two young kids, personal wants and need, and professional demands, I don’t personally have the bandwidth to really produce a filter+share site myself, but I really appreciate when someone can steadily put a high-quality narrative or personal spin on *waves hands vaguely in the air* all of this.

Kottke is an excellent blogger, and he’s been doing it since 1998.

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