Sales on WCI2021 and L&G2021

A couple of affiliate/sales/conference things on this fine Tuesday that I participated in this month. As always, these are the sorts of things that help support this site when they interest you and should be ignored when they don’t:


WCI2021 is now available as an online course worth 17 CME credits and featuring not one but two talks from yours truly: one finance talk about student loans and one CME/wellness talk about building a writing habit. The course is normally $779 but is $100 off ($697) through midnight tonight as part of the launch event.

(For students/residents reading, yes these are CME-fund prices. I appreciate that I wouldn’t have been shelling out that kind of money as a trainee either! But given that live conferences are still a bust this year, it’s a good use of funds for those that have them).


The 2021 Leverage & Growth Summit for Physicians, which featured 39 interviews with physician entrepreneurs about starting a business, real estate, branding, marketing, writing (e.g. me), podcasting, social media, expert witnessing, consulting, venture capital, and product creation. And while some of the speakers had moved on from practicing medicine to focus on their ventures, others were doing some pretty bonkers stuff while still seeing patients. Even for someone pretty content with their 12+ year side project, it was pretty inspiring.

The lifetime access for that course is still $147 through tonight before increasing to $247. It’s a great collection if you’re interested in side hustles and seeing what people have been doing out there. You should still be able to get access to the Facebook group and check out some of the content today before it’s archived.

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