An ad or two

For the past nearly 10 years of writing on this site, I have completely eschewed any form of display advertising. I’ve never wanted to jam the margins full of ugly banners that detract from the reading experience, and I definitely have no interest in being part of any of the usual industry practices of sneaky cookie-based endeavors, user tracking, gigantic data plan-choking scripts, or other things that make the internet worse.

My purposefully limited monetization has primarily been through Amazon affiliate links to things I write about anyway (see what I did there?). Over the years I’ve added relationships with student loan refinancing companies and a handful test-prep companies that I’m otherwise also interested in writing about, which is fine, but a big part of that has also always been to pass on discounts or bonuses to readers. This has always been a labor of love, which is why the vast majority of my writing doesn’t earn a cent and I keep giving away books for free.

This preamble is all to set up the news that the first ad I’ve ever run on the site is currently live. The reason you can’t see it is that it’s actually a time-limited sponsorship on a single popular (radiology) post. It’s from a company I respect with a relevant product and also includes a discount code. I’ve contemplated making the jump for a while now, and that’s the kind of ad I can get behind. If you’re a radiologist and happen to see it, cool. For the rest of you, it’s business as usual.

You may see eventually see an ad or two on a handful of posts or even maybe a single ad on the sidebar. Or you may not. I’d like to help justify (financially) the time it takes to maintain and grow this site, but it’s important to me to do so in a way that doesn’t jeopardize my editorial or the reader experience. That has and always comes first. There will never ever be any tracking of any kind, and I never collect any information from anyone ever.

If you’re a company–like the dozens that email every week asking me to publish your lame guest posts–and would like to reach a large unique audience of awesome medical students, residents, and other physicians, then get in touch.

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