Renewed ExamGuru Code

ExamGuru, the original qbank dedicated to the shelf exams, has just released a new emergency medicine product (currently clocking in at 302 questions). So EG now covers all the core shelf exams + EM (but not, say, neurology), and you can still buy the same total package organized for Step 2 CK (2600+ questions) for dedicated prep. While there have always been plenty of resources for most shelf exams, family medicine and non-core rotations can sometimes be a bit harder to approach. Peds, for example, was also little thin on UW (at least back in my day).

Everyone still needs UW as far as I’m concerned. But for those who enjoy question-based learning and need more review, EG remains a viable adjunct. Code BWBW15 takes 15% off your purchase, as well as earns me a few bucks.


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