New ExamGuru coupon code

Late last year I reviewed ExamGuru’s (new at the time) shelf exam question bank. The old coupon code expired a month or so back, so today I arranged for a new coupon code for those students looking for additional question sources.1 You can use BWBW15 to save 15% (and I also get a few bucks).

On a related note, there’s also now another shelf exam question source, from mega-exam prep purveyor, BoardVitals. I haven’t used it yet but some readers have brought it to my attention. I won’t pretend you need an additional question source in the first place, let alone that this is worth your time/money. I’ll try to check it out at some point in the future to give my personal yay/nay, but anyone intrepid/interested can purchase through this link and use code BW10 to save 10% as well.

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